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5 частых причин поломки iPhone

Наш сервисный центр собрали пять самых распространённых поломок iPhone. На самом деле их шесть. Последняя – это «кривые руки». Но от них ничего не спасёт, так что переходим к остальным пяти… 1. Ой, вы...

Apple представила iOS 12

Apple представила iOS 12. Как и предполагалось, основное внимание при проектировании обновленной ОС для мобильных платформ разработчики компании уделили производительности совместимых устройств и устр...

12 советов как улучшить качество фотосъемки со смартфона

Хватит прикрывать фильтрами недостатки своих фотографий! Мы выбрали множество советов, которые помогут вам сделать свои фотографии гораздо лучше. Камеры смартфонов прошли долгий путь за последние не...

6 Most Common Reasons for iPhone Repair

Many people have come to regard their iPhone as an integral part of their life, so it stands to reason that if a problem develops with this innovative piece of technology, their life gets turned upsid...

Cell Phone Repairs: How to Stay Ahead of the Crowd

Given how tech savvy we have become, it requires no mention that gadgets and electronics rule our lives more than anything. Talking about phones in particular, our little world seems concentrated in t...

Eight Tips to Protect Your Android Screen

Touchscreen smartphones are built to resist scratches and are sturdy enough to beat standard wear. But these large screens are also susceptible to damage. If you have an Android phone or tablet and wi...

How To Back Up Your Iphone Data Just In Case

While technology is amazing, we all know that sometimes it fails us. Most people have been in that place where your computer or cell phone either breaks or crashes, and they are left crying into their...

Steps to Easy Battery Replacement in iPhones

The iPhone that you love to flaunt would prove futile a gadget had the battery not been in it. Given how the battery is crucial to the functioning of any cell phone, the power and quality should be ch...

How Professional Cell Phone Services Help You?

All the professional mobile repair service shops hire experts who understand the best methods to repair and replace a damaged cell phone. In case your mobile is causing trouble due to a crack, you sho...

Sell Used Phones for Cash: Few Terse Tips

So you are all set to order a brand new Smartphone from any of those top e-commerce stores? Unless it was a gift from a near and dear one or you are very particular about retaining your old gadgets, y...

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